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Evernote needs a major overhaul

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I'm sorry but these are the facts:  


  • SCANNING IS A JOKE ...  Scan It on Android is far superior and I never use Evernote because of the pathetic scan quality.    
  • DISCONNECT WITH INKING ... Handwritten notes in Windows can't be edited on Android and visa versa.   
  • POINTLESS TO USE INKING ON ANDROID ... S Note on Android has far less lag and a better experience with more options.    
  • NO EASY SWITCHING BETWEEN DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS ... I have a work account that I want to easily switch too.  Why hasn't this been done already?  Google Keep does it, Drive does it.       
  • NO PHONE OR CHAT SUPPORT ...  Premium users shouldn't have to rely just on email and have a quicker form of communication.   


So the only reason that I'm sticking with Evernote is the syncing for my S Notes is more reliable than what Samsung offers.      


So I'm wondering what is the point of paying for the Premium version.    



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  1. Scanning works fine for me on both the Fujitsu ScanSnap and my Android.  Where exactly are you having problems?
  2. Handwritten notes can't be edited,  but new notes can be created with the same tag,  and typing works quite well on my PC and does integrate with a handwritten note.  What's your specific use case that causes an issue?
  3. I use S Note too - Samsung specific,  and very good.  Tough on everyone who uses other makes - guess they'll have to make do...
  4. Switch between accounts.  Easy on a PC,  sucks on a mobile - share a notebook instead,  easy to add new notes to both accounts
  5. No phone support - agreed.  If you're a premium user however,  Chat works 7am to 7pm weekdays,  PST.  The forums here are quite good too.


If you don't want to pay for premium,  downgrading is easy and quick...

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