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Info on the Buy 1 year of Premium and get 6 months for free offer

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I've just come across this offer by Evernote:




Basically, if you buy 1 year of Premium you get 6 months for free. Now, I'm already a Premium subscriber but I would like to extend my subscription by another year and get those 6 months. The problem is, it doesn't let me extend the subscription right away; it says it will be automatically renewed in January.


Do you have any idea how to extend a Premium subscription and take advantage of this great offer?

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I got an email with the same offer and I had the same question.

I wish Evernote Marketing would evaluate these sort of promotions before launching them to existing customers.

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Hey Evernote: Could you please not contact me with offers that you know I can't use?


IMO that perfectly describes the lack of professional skills in the "Marketing Department" at Evernote.

Do they wear blindfolds?


Why do they email this useless promotion teaser to existing Premium users?

News Flash! There are basic database filters available to avoid this.


Anyone home?

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