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  1. I don't know if these bugs have been reported before, but I'll post them anyway. 1. Weird behavior when opening a note in a new window while in full-screen mode (main window is black). 2. Double arrow next to username when switching to full-screen mode.
  2. My OCD is killing me. The top border of the sort bar is still concealed in this beta. I think you should just move the sort bar 1px downwards. See screenshots for a better idea of the glitch.
  3. I have been asking for one feature for years now and I won't stop asking until they implement it Append to note via the Web Clipper across all platforms Also, rich links instead of the current bookmarks and nested tags on iOS would be very much welcome. I don't care if they start asking for 100$/year. If they add these features I'll pay.
  4. On second thought, I think I might be experiencing a similar issue. It sometimes takes several minutes to sync even small notes.
  5. The cmd+J switcher is by far the best feature to be added to Evernote in a long while! It made using Evernote so much faster for me. Good job! Next, make appending to an existing note via the web clipper a thing please! ? I'm not having this issue. Try restarting your machine or reinstalling Evernote.
  6. Chrome 50. Basically, after a few minutes the "Connect" link appears again. The link to the Google Drive files still works, though.
  7. I started using Drafts' iOS extension to collect links into one note and then send it to Evernote. Still frustrating not to be able to do it with Evernote directly!
  8. This is a great update! One problem, though. It keeps asking me to give Evernote authorisation to access my Google account, which I've already granted several times. Other than that, it seems to be working fine.
  9. It's 2016 and still no append feature, which is critical when researching. Even Apple Notes has this feature now. I'm going to trust the developers and so tomorrow I'll be renewing my premium subscription for another year, but it will be the last one if they don't add/improve basic features like this. ps: if you're on iOS and have Workflow.app you can use this workflow I made to append text, images or other files to a specific note. https://workflow.is/workflows/ddc40510eaba4b91966ea39066ac4d1d
  10. I don't know, they've recently implemented nested tags in the new web version of Evernote, thus making it available in almost all platforms. Bringing it to mobile "should" be the next logical step.
  11. +1. Please bring nested tags to all platforms once and for all, or at least to iOS *wink* *wink*
  12. Great! Thanks for listening to our feedback. By the way, does this mean that nested tags are also coming to iOS?
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