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I understand why evernote now uses web links as a more uniform standard.  What I don't like is if I open that note and I want to make a quick edit I can't seem to do that.  The note opens in a browser in a "read only" mode and if I select "Go to notes" then my last note from my last session opens in evernote web instead of the note that was in the link I first clicked!  I think a much more desired work flow would be a quick button to edit the note that just opened up in the browser using evernote web.  Am I missing something?

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Thanks for the input and I can try that when I have my windows install available but that isn't always my situation.  


But wouldn't it still be a good idea if one wanted to use the new link format to be able to have an easy edit function?  I see two possibilities:

  • Have the web preview page have an Edit Note button
  • Have the Go to Notes button open Evernote Web but navigate to the page you were just previewing vs. some default from your last session.

I think this would be a much more useful interface for the new note link mechanism.

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