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Hi, yes you can cut and paste a list into a table and you can create a list in a table.  The downside here is if you use '1 ' or '* ' on a page you start a list but to start a list in a table you have to click on the format tab and select Lists.


The other funny thing is to indent your list normally it is TAB, to outdent it is SHIFT-TAB.


When you're in the table to indent it is FN-TAB and to outdent it is FN-SHIFT-TAB.  So it all works but I would love to be able to use the '1 ' or '* ' in a table.

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There a problem with the editor if you want to add a table inside a list. 
For Example if I am writing about Industries like this


  • Definition : ........
  • Types :
    <Here I want to insert a 3x2 table about each sector and a description>

I would not be able to do that, because the table feature itself is disables inside a list. And if i create it outside the list and then continue my list, it can't be indented in, which looks weird.

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