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Where is the undo function in the web client? And/or how do I get a previous note back?

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Hi :-)


I was editing a note in Chrome, and a picture got highlighted and when I clicked space, it got deleted.

Evernote helpfully saved the note immediately and pressing ctrl+z didn't bring the picture back.


Going to the note in the Windows desktop client and android client then helpfully synced the note as soon as I opened it, and deleted the picture.


When I try to restore the note in the desktop client, it goes through the restore process, and then nothing changes.


So, how do I get the note back to the way it was?


I'm a paid user if that makes a difference in terms of functionality.

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Hi - when you say 'restore the note' are you using the Note History feature?  If that won't allow you to step back to an earlier version of the note,  it may be that the picture wasn't part of the note when the last backup was taken (the process runs every 8 hours or so) and in that case I think your only option would be to restore from an external backup of your database if you've been keeping one of your own.

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On 07/02/2016 at 10:14 AM, Cristina.M said:

You guys i just hit delete instead of save on my ipad by mistake.

how do i get my note back? it was still a draft as writting on ipad

Hi.  This is a Windows thread,  so you really need to start your own for new queries,  but in this case I don't think we can help.  If the note was synced to Evernote you might stand a chance of checking in Trash,  or rolling back to the previous undeleted version (premium only);  but if it was simply on your iPad home screen then the content is lost in temporary memory.  Best thing to do when you have that sort of issue is to immediately try 'undo' for whatever OS you're using.  If you closed Evernote or switched the iPad off in the meantime,  then your content is gone - sorry.  Try drafting in another app that you can save to local storage and copy/ paste that text into Evernote when you're ready,  or just sync frequently while you're drafting so there's another copy of the note somewhere.

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