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  1. I agree with everything you wrote. I've been a subscriber for some time, but have started looking at alternatives. There are simply too many things that make Evernote 'Almost Good Enough', but only almost.
  2. Hi :-) I was editing a note in Chrome, and a picture got highlighted and when I clicked space, it got deleted. Evernote helpfully saved the note immediately and pressing ctrl+z didn't bring the picture back. Going to the note in the Windows desktop client and android client then helpfully synced the note as soon as I opened it, and deleted the picture. When I try to restore the note in the desktop client, it goes through the restore process, and then nothing changes. So, how do I get the note back to the way it was? I'm a paid user if that makes a difference in terms of functionality.
  3. I'm not actually referring to the EN app itself as that one is quite good. What I mean is that Skitch was only available for iOS for a long time and two examples of what I mean are Penultimate and, as far as I can see, EN Peek. If add-ons like those were released for Android at the same time as for iOS, then I don't think I would have any gripes with EN at all.
  4. I don't really know where else to post this, so I thought I'd post this here. I got the email asking us to vote for Evernote in the Crunchies (http://crunchies2012.../vote/?NDoxOA==), but even though I love Evernote (paying subscriber) and find it tremendously useful, I can't justify voting for Evernote. Why? Simply because I feel neglected due to the effort that goes into the iOS platform instead of the Android platform. As long as there are apps or add-ins that are available for iOS but not Android, I will be looking for a better competitor and unabble to vote for Evernote in these web awards. Hopefully one day this will no longer be the case.
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