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All Notes - Filter?

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sorry but I think I must miss it but I find no way to filter in a productive way the list/view of "All Notes".


This is the playe I put all my new notes that come from a hand full of devices....

So, sometime I am able to tag new notes or categorize them to notebooks at the time of creation. But this is mostly not the case. So, I end up with a lot of notes uncategorized and untagged in the All Notes view. The problem is I need a way to tag them fast. The solution would be to view all notes in All Notes with out any tags on them.


How can this be done?

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Hi, try a search in "All Notes" with " -tag:* "

Save the search for the future with +

Tag one by one all the untag notes or copy it in a new folder and tag all of them with the same tag ... for ex. Untaged notes.

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Enki's comment about using the search term  -tag:* is very powerful.


The following applies to Evernote Windows desktop:

After you add a tag, the note will drop off the search results.

I often add several tags to a note.

So I will open the note in a separate window. This allows me to add multiple tags.

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