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The more I use Evernote, the more I love it, and the more uses I find for it.

The main thing I currently use Evernote for is to store my homework assignments, and class notes (scanned in). Then I scan in my work (so I always have a record of what I turned in). Additionally, I keep the solution sheets made available after the homework is turned in.

Let's say I am working the homework…I need to view the assignment and my class notes. Currently, this is very tricky, as I end up with multiple windows and everything gets very cluttered. The same goes for when viewing any two notes (particularly PDFs) at the same time.

I propose a way to select 2 notes and bring them to fullscreen, side-by-side. Not only does this maximize the space for each PDF (or note), but it keeps me focused on my work (thanks to the lovely black background surrounding the notes).

I hope to see something like this implemented one day, hopefully before the end of the school year!

*if you would like me to create a mockup of what I mean, please let me know).

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