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Bounce Email Feature Request?

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Yesterday, I received a nice bounce email saying that the "Emailed note was not submitted." This, in itself, is useful information to have.

However, the suggested solution from the email "Please try sending the note again later." is impossible, since there is nothing in the body of the email to tell me which email to resend.

Would it be possible to put some information (time of failed request, subject line, email headers, etc.) in the bounce email that would help differentiate which note failed to get into the system?


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Our incoming SMTP email gateway was written by an engineer that left the company about 18 months ago, and I've basically held it together by fixing the most critical problems. We haven't had the resources to rewrite it, but I've had "send better error bounce emails" on my To Do list (in Evernote!) for a few months now, and hope to get to it at some point.

The basic mechanism wouldn't be hard, but I'd need to make sure that each relevant error actually produces a readable reply email, rather than some random internal code errors, full of typos.


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