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I am using Evernote both in my iPhone and Mac. In my iPhone app, I did a small update in my note and saved it, but this was not synced to cloud, not sure why, might be internet issue.


After few days, I came to my Mac app and did one update in the same note (But my iPhone update was not there as this was not synced to cloud I guess). So, my latest update was saved and it was synced to cloud as well. 


But the issue here is, I have un-synced changes in my iPhone app, when I open the app and open the particular note, I can see my un-synced changes before the app synced. Once the app synced, my iPhone changes was over written by my mac latest changes as it is connected to internet now I guess. So I lost my iPhone changes (Which was not synced to cloud) now.




So, If there is any un-synced changes in the iPhone app, it should not over written by the latest changes done on the another platform (In my case mac app). It could say, you have un-synced changes and do you want to merge it? The option can be over write, merge. If I choose merge option, it should merge both the changes in a single note rather than directly over write.





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Hi.  All Evernote's server can do is run a simple test - is the date/ time of the iOS note later than the date/ time of the server note?  Whichever note has the later value is taken as the most up to date,  and is synced over all other copies.  If you have more than one device connected to the internet,  the regular syncs of each device will update their notes - possibly out of sequence;  so a sync of an old note will be more up to date than the sync of the updated version.  Then the updates get overwritten.  The only 'fix' we're able to suggest is that you sync before,  frequently during,  and immediately after making major changes,  so that your version is recognised as the latest - or at worst,  that all your work won't be lost on the next sync.


If you can suggest any other practical test by which the server could recognise the priority of changes,  I'm sure Evernote would be interested to hear it!

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In my opinion, since Evernote iPhone app supports offline accessing for notes, the latest changes should not overwrite the un-synced changes of the user. My suggestion would be, if there is un synced changes in iPhone app, at least the app should alert the user that you are having some un synced changes in your note, so it will be over written by your cloud changes. So that the user will take a copy of that note in the worst case. 


But ideal case could be merging, like Git merge.

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