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Outlook 2013 x64 crashes on "Save to Evernote"

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I just clean installed Evernote on my PC, as a first time user. 

When I click the Evernote icon in Outlook, Outlook crashes immediately.  This is the functionality I wanted the most, and it's not working.

I found a couple of threads about the outlook clipper not working, but they are all a little older and fixed (?) by now.


System = Windows 8.1 x64 + Office Professional Plus 2013 x64

Evernote version = (276742) Public (seems to be 32 bit application ? It is installed in Program Files (x86))


The functionality is working for my colleagues, but they are running a 32 bit version of Office. 

I tried to completely uninstall Evernote, close Outlook, and reinstall EN (Outlook was running during my first install)
But to no avail.
Is anybody still experiencing problems like this ?  Any idea how to solve this ?
Thanks for the advice
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Hi.  There are quite a few threads with Outlook issues,  including this one.  The Clipper seems to work with every Outlook up to and including 2016 - for most folks.  For some reason there are individual problems like yours.  To start from a blank slate (and if your database is mostly empty so far) try this -

  1. Close all apps and restart the computer.  Retry Outlook.  If that doesn't work..
  2. Download and Install Revo - http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html  (- scroll down for the free version)
  3. Close all apps and rermove Evernote - Revo will find and uninstall all files used by Evernote.
  4. Download Evernote again and install as Administrator - make sure Outlook is closed.

Good luck!

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