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Feature Request: Tasking text within a note



I wish I could select a portion of a note (a sentence; a few words) and have the ability to immediately turn that selection into a task and assign a due date. Items turned into tasks via this function would then also populate a task list separate from all other notes. Maybe make this task list a quick integration with third party task management solutions.



I regularly record several action items in a note when at a meeting. I can set a reminder on the entire note easily enough, but if I want an easy way to manage those separate action items from the meeting separately, I turn to a third party solution and duplicate a lot of input. 


Taking the idea a step further: if each new note had an area where anything input into that physical part of the form became an action item and populated a task manager, automatically, that would be awesome. 

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Hi.  Are you imagining that this new 'task' (which would be a new feature for Evernote) would be stored in a task manager part of Evernote?  There are already several task managers that integrate to greater or lesser degrees with the database so that tagged notes become tasks,  or tasks become tagged notes,  and Evernote shows no sign of wanting to be in that market.  There's no tasks,  no calendar,  no due dates... 


You might want to look into third-party task managers.

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I wouldn't push Evernote to developing a whole new feature, but maybe dead-simple integration with someone else. In a typical meeting, i may come away with 5 action items due on different dates in the next 3 months. I can certainly create tags for the note that remind me to look at the note on different dates or remind me that something is due on each of the tagged dates (timeframes), but that's clunky. I currently review my notes following a meeting and create tasks for my action items in my third-party tool. I suppose I could tag the same note to all the tasks I created so that as I work on the task i can regularly reference the original note. Just seems like it could be easier.

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