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Tag auto-complete behavior

Kevin Bonham


The behavior I'd expect for tag completion is that either "tab" or "enter" would use the top result from auto complete. This works in the desktop app, so that if I want to add my "@work" tag, I can type "@-w-o-[enter]" or "@-w-o-[tab]" and it will add the proper tag. This does not work with the web-clipper - tab and enter both just add what I've typed so far, so I constantly end up with tags like "@wo".


It's not so much effort to use the down-arrow to select the right tag, but since the behavior is not consistent with the web-app, I'm constantly entering partial tags that I have to go back and fix. When trying to be quick/productive with keyboard shortcuts, even small delays and inconsistencies can rapidly break up the workflow. 

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