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  1. The behavior I'd expect for tag completion is that either "tab" or "enter" would use the top result from auto complete. This works in the desktop app, so that if I want to add my "@work" tag, I can type "@-w-o-[enter]" or "@-w-o-[tab]" and it will add the proper tag. This does not work with the web-clipper - tab and enter both just add what I've typed so far, so I constantly end up with tags like "@wo". It's not so much effort to use the down-arrow to select the right tag, but since the behavior is not consistent with the web-app, I'm constantly entering partial tags that I have to go back and fix. When trying to be quick/productive with keyboard shortcuts, even small delays and inconsistencies can rapidly break up the workflow.
  2. I just realized yesterday that with the mac desktop app, you can at least re-size photos. Not a perfect solution, but better than it was before.
  3. My current strategy is just to paste links directly into the note (not hyperlinking text). On the one hand, this is nice because it pastes the link in as green text so it can be distinguished from web links, but it forces me to name my notes such that they fit nicely in the textual flow. Slightly inconvenient, but not the end of the world.
  4. That behavior makes sense, but I'm getting the http link when pasting inside evernote, if I'm hyperlinking text within a note. Is that a bug? Your work around for classic link will work, except that I generally use keyboard shortcuts - is there one for copying a classic note?
  5. I've just started getting back into using Evernote, and am running into some trouble with linking to notes within the desktop app. I like hyperlink text with links to other notes, but I'm having some trouble I didn't use to have. When I have a note selected, and either use the menu or keyboard shortcut to "copy note link," it puts the web link on the clipboard (e.g. https://www.evernote.com/blah/blah-blah/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX). If I then highlight some text, and add a link to that text, the link launches in the browser instead of in the EN app. Interestingly, if I just paste straight into a note (not as a hyperlink), the link gets pasted as the app-link (eg. evernote:///view/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX). Clicking that links to the note within the app. So in principal, I could copy the note link, paste it into evernote, then copy the newly formatted link and use that for the hyperlink, but that seems absurd. Is there a way to copy the note link in the app-link format by default? Thanks,
  6. I've looked at a couple of different threads around this, and the responses have been helpful, but ultimately the answers don't fit my use-case. I'm a scientist, and I use EN as a virtual lab notebook to store protocols, data, conference notes etc. The one thing missing is the ability to manage the thousands of pdfs of scientific literature that I need. Many other tools for this exist (like Papers2 and mendeley), but using multiple applications and trying to keep them sync'd is a pain, especially as I'm getting ready to write my thesis and already have to keep track of way too much. I'm not asking for a full-featured library manager like Mendeley, but at a bare minimum, I need to be able to access and do advanced searches in the metadata that's pulled down in pdfs. For instance, if I download a paper published in Science in 2008 by John Smith, I can search for "smith 2008 science." Evernote can find text inside pdfs, but it will return any document or note that has "smith," "2008," and "science" somewhere in the note, regardless of where it appears. Since many of my papers have probably been authored by Smith, or will reference him, and the references for almost all of my papers likely contain Science and 2008 somewhere, searches for these key details will be more or less useless. What I need is to be able to search for "Date:2008, Author:smith, Journal:science" or something and have it return only papers published in science in 2008 that has smith as an author. Those parameters exist in the metadata attached to scientific papers, but EN doesn't seem to know how to read it/search for it. Populating tags with this sort of data doesn't seem feasible, since for the above example I'd need to include "Author:John Smith, Author:Smith, Author: Smith J" all for the same paper, and most papers have many authors, middle initials etc. I know the functionality is possible, since other software is capable of it, but it doesn't currently seem possible in evernote.
  7. Would be really lovely to have this feature, or at least to resize the image within the note.
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