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[Tasker] How do I add a reminder to EN-Android with Tasker?

Kasey Chang

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Been redirected here after posting in the developer area (that Tasker is not considered a development environment...)


Any way, any one can directly to a syntax on how to add a reminder to Evernote Reminder via Tasker on Android? 


I am pretty sure it had to do with calling the NEWNOTE intent, but parsing the API doesn't tell me how to create just a reminder by itself. 


Basically, I am trying to create something similar with "Remind me to..." except with Evernote reminder instead of Google's own reminder function with tasker.


I have no problem with voice recognition. I have AutoVoice plug-in. 


But how do I... 


a) bring up the dialog box to add a "quick reminder" like the one in the widget... and specify what text to insert




B) forget the dialog box, just tell me how to trigger the activity or INTENT in Android, and specify what text to insert, and what parameter to include to make it a reminder, not a regular note. 


Anyone? The original post about intent and tasker was not that clear, and it was years ago. 

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Update: With AutoShortcut, I found the intent to open the quick_reminder




However, I have no idea what is the parameter launchflags


I know what's S.NOTEBOOK_GUID as I only use one and I can hard-code it. There's also a s.WIDGET_TYPE but that's not important. 


But this ultimately doesn't work that well. 


Where is this in the Evernote API documentation? How do I just directly create a reminder through INTENT? What do I pass along with the INTENT?

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