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Stop S Note syncing deletions

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I'm using S Note on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition. When I delete a note there, it also gets deleted on Evernote. I need to delete notes to create space on the device, but I want to keep the notes in Evernote. I can go to the trash and undelete them on Evernote, but I need to remember to do that.


How can I stop the delete action being synced from S Note?

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Even worse, I've just realised that when I restore something on Evernote, it's automatically restored onto my tablet. Now the tablet has no space because I undeleted notes in Evernote. How can I get around this problem?


I want to copy notes from S Note into Evernote, then permanently delete them from the tablet to save space, and keep them available forever in Evernote.

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Hi.  I'm not sure exactly of the relationship between S Notes and Evernote - beyond the fact that it works for me on a Note 4.  I hadn't realised that the notes remained synced between the two apps - if so,  you may not be able to 'move' a note to Evernote,  especially not if you wish to edit it again in Note.  You could try copying one of these notes in Evernote to see if the new copy is also present in Note.  If not,  then that's your answer - copy your tablet notes into an Evernote version and delete the original.  If a new S-Note also exists on the Samsung,  then I can only suggest that you raise a support ticket - see the 'Contact Support' buttons in the Help Center (link below in my sig).

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@gazumped: Thanks for the reply. I'm willing to give up editing in the future under some circumstances. I'd be happy enough to "archive" notes from the tablet and leave them in evernote, even they're not editable at that point. I can indeed copy them inside evernote, and that works, it creates a copy which is "detached" from the S Note original. However, it updates the "created" and "updated" dates to now, which destroys my historical sort order (reverses it in fact). So that's not really an acceptable answer.


I might be able to delete a note on evernote, and then restore it. It seems like deletions on evernote do not sync to S Note, and so deleting on evernote might break the link. Then I'd be free to delete on S Note without affecting the copy in evernote. I'll report back if I can get that to work.

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