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Notes always online

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With time it will be more and more notes to sync. It´s disturb, if you must sync from start (opening with a new Client or so on). Some Notes are released for Social Networks (like twitter). If i delete them on the Evernote Desktop Client so, it will be deleted on the Social Networks too :-( 

Is there a possibility to take the notes always online even if i have deleted them from my desktop client with one Account?

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Hi - If your post is a link to a shared note URL,  then that URL only exists as long as the note does.  Delete the note,  lose the link.  If you want to 'hide' shared notes,  just put them in a notebook and maybe put that notebook in a stack so you can exclude it from searches.  Longer term if you want to keep shared content separate from your daily notes,  try setting up a separate free account and keeping your shared notes in that free account.

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Many thanks - i will try that options and settings :-) Especially the (Second)-Free-Account-Way is a good way i think. I hope EVERNOTE can do something in this area - because it is awkward to jump between 2 Accounts  ;) 

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