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Unable to copy/paste/drag from powerpoint to Evernote...HELP!

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I am unable to copy/paste/drag into evernote from PPT, but I am able to drag from internet etc. 


Is there a fix I can do? This is the primary source of my notes...I did try signing out, closing, restarting computer, etc. I also tried "simply formatting". Still UNABLE to copy/paste/drag from powerpoint to evernote


Can someone please HELP ASAP?


Thanks so much!!



Mac book air OS X Yosemite 10

Evernote: Version 6.1.1


Error Message: 

PDF Indexing Failed

Evernote was unable to index the PDF '(null)' because of an internal error.  You will still be able to view the PDF, but it will not be searchable.

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Hi.  Are these powerpoints open in a PPT reader, or in MSPowerPoint itself?  Or are they embedded in a web page?  Best I remember,  it should be possible to select part of a slide and copy/ paste the content individually,  but the content of a slide has several layers - the style,  the text,  pictures, any animation etc.. - so copying one or more full slides is never going to go well.  PPT exports to various formats,  although none are as good quality as the native content - do you have the opportunity to export any content as separate files?

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Hi and thank you for the reply. 


I am actually referring to MSpowerpoint (MSPPT) itself, and more specifically the 2015 MSPPT. When I was trying to fix this last night I tried many different fixes as mentioned in my above post. I also tried to load the PPT in a viewer and copy the image over, like from "preview", but was unable and got the same error message.  Funny enough, I got frustrated and I tried opening the PPT in my previous MSPPT 2011, and I was able to drag/copy the entire slide over to Evernote. 


So for now I am able to imbed my anesthesia lecture PPT slides via MSPPT 2011 and do my notes. I am still unable however to do this functionality with my newest version of MSPPT 2015. 


In reference to exporting the content as separate files: these PPT slides are not that content rich, it is really just a slide with text, would this be something I can try? And if so, I am not sure I know how to do that. 



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To export slide content,  see the File > Export menu is MSPPT - don't use that version so can't provide details,  but from memory the process is pretty clear when you open the correct window.  Hopefully the developers will pick up that MSPPT 2015 doesn't seem to be co-operative in transferring content and fix that in a later version of Evernote.

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