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Simple Styles in the editor


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I bet someone has already suggested this, but maybe it is too hard to implement styles because the application would get big. However, not necessarily, as I understand the editor interface is supposed to be neat.


However, we are experiencing a blazing fast and stressful routine, and maybe this is one of the reasons for Evernote being created in the first place.


So what about:

* A simple 'save style' function, in which the user would just define a typeface, size, color and emphasis formatting, all at once;

* Ability to save some of the styles in the top toolbar in the editor interface for quick access, as well as the possibility of assigning a keyboard shortcut.


If not possible, then it would be welcome just to have...


* A copy format button, like the brush we have in Microsoft Word.



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Hi.  As I understand it,  styles are on the way.  The editor as originally created had no allowance for changing formatting or size or colour,  so it needed a full rewrite to allow for that sort of addition to be made.  Evernote are just completing the process of getting the basics to work in the various main operating systems - remember they have to rewrite at least four sets of code,  not just one - and more improvements will follow.  Some tweaks are easy to apply,  some take a bit of forward planning to avoid annoying 150M+ users...

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I understand. Glad to know, thanks! As I said, styles can save a ton of time. The same for the formatting brush. No need to have fully featured styles viewer like Microsoft Word, but they could be very, very handy. :)

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