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accidentally disabled links to local files

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I clicked on a link in one of my notes to open a local file on my computer and accidentally clicked "cancel" instead of "ok" after checking the box "don't ask me this question again" (it asked if I was sure I wanted to open links to local files). Now when I click on a link in one of my notes, nothing happens.  I've looked all through the settings and searched in the online help forums and can't find anything about how to undo what I did. Any suggestions?




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Hi.  Did a quick test - I'm running the current Evernote beta and Windows 8.0 so YMMV but this is the warning message I got: 


-and hitting 'cancel' just stops the current operation.  Another click opens the same warning and then the file as requested.


I'd suggest File > Exiting Evernote and logging back in / restarting your computer to see if the function comes back - if that doesn't help,  please confirm your Evernote and Windows versions (Help > About in both cases) and check out the Help Center link in my signature below - contact Support if you don't find anything useful!




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