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Brand New User:Scanning within attachments not working

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Hello Wise Ones,

I am a brand new user (just signed up for Plus yesterday) and I am trying to scan our daughter's educational records so I can THROW THEM OUT!


I am using a PC with Office 2007.    I have yet to see a reason to upgrade, but maybe this is part of the problem??


I have figured out how to scan documents (e.g. a report card) as a PDF and add them to Evernote.   I have effectively put them in Evernote, tagged them, and put them in a notebook.  However, when I try to search (for example) the word Physics, it says no notes.    This word is typed on the report card - I thought it should show?   


The other issue that I am having is that it appears when I search my PC, notes in Evernote are not showing.   Is this typical? 


Thanks for the help!!


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Hi.  I'm confused - you say you put the report card scan into Evernote,  added it to a notebook and tagged it,  but "when I search my PC - notes in Evernote are not showing...???"  How are you searching your PC?  What happened to the notes you tagged??


Please have a look at Evernote online - log on via Evernote.com and see if you can see your notes there.  If the notes on your PC have been copied to Evernote.com,  they can be indexed and searched.  If the notes haven't been uploaded yet,  they won't be searchable.

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Thank you so much for the reply!   To clarify, I can see the note perfectly in my Evernote, both on the Ipad and on my PC.   However, my understanding is that one of the reasons people use Evernote is for the searchability.   I named the document Report Cards.    I thought that if I put the word "Physics"  in the search bar (because she took Physics) it would search the attached PDFs and bring up Report Cards.     However, it does not appear that Evernote is currently able to search PDF documents, even if the word if clearly typed on the document.     


What am I missing? 

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Hi.  It takes a little while for Evernote to go through a saved attachment and index it for searching,  but I'd afraid that will only happen for Premium and Business users.  Basic and Plus users don't get that service (although if you have a way to create a searchable PDF on your computer I believe you'll be able to find words within it.) 


If you use [intitle:"report cards"] (without the square brackets) in your search box,  you should be able to jump to the note,  and you'll be able to open and read the PDF.


Evernote product comparison - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157

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Huh.... thank you for the link!   However, it says

"Search for printed and handwritten text in images is available in basic, plus and premium"..... maybe I just need to wait if it takes a while?   Everything that I have loaded has been added in the last 24 hours.
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