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Notes - more control over viewing new notes



Would be nice if the user had control of what notes show up.  I.e. right now you can show notes by Notebook or All notes.


However, this makes it much harder to sort / move notes to the correct place, if we were allowed to set preferences to show notes that are not in folders, ( I have my notes default to an unsorted notebook ) or be able to show a range under all notes, such as september only, it would make it easier to work with new notes.


I add many notes via email and they are for multiple customers, then I have to sort them one at a time, which leads to the next issue, the option to move only lets you see the last notebook you moved to instead of a list of the notebooks.


This means every time you sort you have to keep selecting to see the list and then select vs. a dropdown which would show all notebooks.


Anyone else seeing this as a place for improvement?

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Hi.  All notes exist in a notebook.  If you have a default unsorted notebook it will have a name - even if that is 'Default Notebook'.  Click the notebook to see only the files in that notebook.  Search by "created:month-1" to see last month's notes.  If you're on a desktop,  open the left panel (Cmd F10) to see a list of notebooks and drag and drop your note into the correct notebook.  Sending information by email,  use the @notebook #tag feature in the heading to send them straight there.  You could use text expander software so you have a hotkey for each client to add the appropriate snippet to the email.  If you open any note and look at the header you should see a notebooks dropdown that will allow you to move it to another notebook.


For more general information - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314028

Edit:  and for email routing - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005347

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