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How do I record audio in Evernote?

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I'm a teacher and my students regularly send me assignments on Evernote, such as responses, paragraphs, etc. I would like to be able to quickly grade 30+ pieces that are sent to me at a time, and doing this orally would be great, allowing me to give better and more in-depth feedback without all the writing. How do I go about doing this? I'm happy to purchase a mic for the purpose. 


Note: I have a Lenovo G500s Windowns 8.1 laptop. 



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Hi.  Can't speak for the sound quality,  but if your laptop has a microphone built in,  you will be able to record sound into a note.  Click into the note body and look for a microphone icon in the editing toolbar. 


Variable factors will include how much noise your laptop makes,  how well it is insulated from the hard surface on which it is resting,  and what sort of background noise you have when recording.  Some experimentation is advised before going public!  If you find the process works well,  you could consider buying a headset and microphone,  or a stand-alone microphone for better performance.


If you're responding to students on a shared note,  and have permission to edit that note,  you should be able to attach a new recording to the existing note for a one2one response.  If you have an issue that you wish to raise with all students,  you could record that audio on one note in your own account and copy/ attach it to other shared notes from other students.  If you plan to 'podcast' in this sort of way regularly I'd recommend that you give each message a sequential number and collate them all in a note on your own account so that they are available again in case of need,  and students can verify whether or not they have listened to the content.


If all your students are able to play MP3 files,  you could also consider recording audio using a third-party application like Audacity http://web.audacityteam.org/ - which will allow you to record sound with considerably more control than allowed under Evernote's audio feature - you can pause and edit your recording.  The resulting MP3 files can simply be attached to a shared note with a suitable filename or heading.  That would also allow you to change your screen view or open other content without losing sight of the ongoing recording process.


If you have a mobile device with Evernote installed,  you could also use that to make recordings separately - a phone microphone is designed for good voice quality,  and provided you use an app which outputs MP3 files,  these again can be attached to one or several notes.


Hope that helps...

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