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  1. Sorry if this is really basic......but if I delete a note or notebook entirely from the desktop.....will it be deleted from all devices? This is what I WANT- I need to clean up a bunch of old things. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi, I have a fairly new iPad; less than two years old. I am in the process of having to go through an EN database rebuild due to serious syncing issues; this is what was recommended by EN tech support. The process involves exporting notes to desktop, then signing out, then signing in and importing notes from desktop. Then, I'm supposed to uninstall EN from all my mobile devices, then reinstall. I can't seem to truly uninstall EN from my iPad; I click on the "x" and EN goes away, but when I go to the App Store, I see "update" under EN.....so isn't it still seeing EN as being installed? I'm very confused. fwiw: I tried "updating" anyway, but nothing happens. EN is not installed. Any help appreciated; it's a long process involving 5 total devices, and I don't need any new obstacles....
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