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Simplify formatting after clipping a web page

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This is not new but I've got to sick-point -


Whenever I clip a page to evernote and then simpifying format, 9 times out of 10 I get text paragraphs separated by 2 carriage returns.


How can I remedy this ?



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Have you tried clipping a 'simplified article' or using Clearly's clean-up process,  then highlighting and clipping the selection?  There's no easy way AFAIK to eliminate double c/r's or to search replace one or both of them,  short of pasting the content into a word processor and doing a search and replace.  There's a new beta out with an 'improved' editor,  so maybe your salvation isn't so far away;  your task now,  should you decide to accept it,  is to find a work-around and hang on to your sanity until there's a general update...

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