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Evernote not fitting monitor screen

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At work I have a Dell laptop in a docking station, and work off of two bookended monitors. Evernote is always open on one of the monitor screens. Today they gave me a new Dell laptop and I had to reinstall Evernote. I don't show the Left Panel, and do show the Note Panel, so, if I have my nomenclature right, there are two open panels, the Snippet Panel is to the left of the screen, and the Note Panel is to the right. The problem is that now, for the first time ever, even though I've gotten new Dells from work before and everything else fits the screens the way they're supposed to, the left side of the Snippet Panel is off-screen (and it's not that it's spilling over to the other screen). This means that the left side of the Snippet Panel is cut off. Even the people from our Help Desk aren't sure how to fix this. Do you know how? Thanks!  

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Hi.  What happens when you change the size of the Evernote window that contains both panels?  Can you see all the edges?  It might be useful if you can provide a screen grab (without any private information!)....

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When I came in to work this morning, and signed in to Evernote, it fit the screen perfectly, as it should.


I switched to another window, but immediately came back to Evernote, and the left side of the Evernote window was cut off, and that's how it remains.


I have attached a pic of the bookended monitors showing how it's cut off. It does this--and stays the same--whether I maximize or minimize the Evernote window.


And, to be clear, this has never happened with any other window for anything else.


Thanks, again.



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No, for some reason that doesn't "stick." Plus, I don't want to have to manually resize the window every time I go to Evernote, probably at least every 15 mins when I'm in my office. In addition, since this is a new problem, I'm assuming there is some sort of fix.

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I assume, I should add, that there's no way to make it stay the way it is when it does fit the screen. I mean, for example, I can set Evernote so that it displays notes in alphabetical order, and that "sticks." I assume I can't get the window the way it's supposed to be and then make that "stick" so that anything I go back to that window it's the way it should be--where, right now, it changes every time I come back to the Evernote window.

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