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Extremely slow

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Evernote has became extremely slow, whether I use it in the browser, on my iphone app, on my computer application. When I click on a note to put a cursor in the text, it takes 1-2 seconds to show up. Deleting text takes several seconds. It became impossible to work in it.


I hope this is temporary and you can fix it quickly!!

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The app on my iphone stopped working completely. It stopped connecting to the internet. Subsequently, I uninstalled the app, restarted the iphone, re-installed the app, and it just won't connect to the internet. All my other apps and browser work fine.


Is this just me or do others have this problem as well?

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Hi.  Your experience seems to be pretty unusual - uninstall / restart / reinstall usually fixes phone issues,  unless there are other problems with the device.  Do you have a reasonable amount of free storage?  If you can connect to the web with a browser or another app there's no reason why Evernote would have an issue...

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