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I had an idea today, which I am sure has been thought of before, but is something I would like incorporated into Evernote eventually.


When you take a photo of an open book (for example, a Moleskine) and capture both facing pages, the software will detect the two pages (perhaps by picking up the vertical line in the middle), and then dissect the photo into a separate image for each respective page.  Or, perhaps, the software keeps one image but simply puts the page on the right on the bottom. This would allow a user (especially on an ipad or iphone) to scroll through the pages rather than having to zoom in and out and re-position to see both pages.


Not sure if there is an app that does this, but this function would be useful.


On the small chance that nobody has thought of this, please (anyone) feel free to steal the idea.







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Hi.  Evernote premium will do something like this with the Moleskine notebooks and the stickers which can be connected to different notebooks and tags,  and Scannable is a 'smart' scanning app that edits pictures for optimum OCR - a lot is possible within the Evernote ecosystem,  provided you employ a little lateral thinking and flexibility...

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