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(Archived) Import opens up 1,000 windows.




I'm finding Evernote's interface to be generally good but do have a few issues. One of these is in importing notes; typically, I import things in batches. Each time I do this, however, I get a window popping up for every single image that I dragged onto my notebook, with all the associated problems that come with that, including beeps, screens full of windows, etc., like so: evernote.png

Is there any way to switch this off?

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I hope there is one day a way to stop Evernote from opening new windows for each imported item, it does get annoying when you import in batches (even small ones, let alone what you are doing).

Unfortunately I don't believe there currently is way to stop it.

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If you’re importing a lot of items, I’d recommend that you change a few settings inside Evernote before beginning the import. In the “Clipping” tab of the Preferences menu, uncheck the boxes in the section called “After a clip:


If the boxes are checked while importing a large number of items, Evernote will fill your screen with open windows and sound like it is repeatedly shooting you with a laser from a 70’s Sci-Fi movie.

Trust me — uncheck the boxes first and you’ll be much happier!

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