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How to keep note open instead of going home

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Hi, randomly, the notes I read/edit are still right there when I come back to evernote. Sometime the app go back to home screen...

Exemple: I edit a note, going forth and back between internet browser and evernote doing copy/paste... sometime the edited note is still in edit mode, sometime the note is on read only (have to hit edit, find back my editing spot), sometime the app is showing me my "notebook" (app in french so I don't know how they call the different books). I always do the same (hit home cell button), app seams to act randomly...

Is there a way to control this?

I have evernote plus.


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Hi.  If I understand you correctly,  notebooks are still notebooks.  If you're switching back and forth between the app and a browser to do editing,  it may just be that the app is syncing the content of your note so your changes aren't lost accidentally - if it syncs,  you get another screen;  if there's no network connection or it can't sync for some other reason,  you see the note still open for editing.  The fix may be to sync manually each time you finish with the note - when you then come back to it at least you'll have a consistent view...

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