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Batch update tags?


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Windows 7 Desktop client, Premium version

As a teacher, I have tossed all the web clips I'm interested in retaining for my classes into one big notebook, and tagged them with appropriate chapters. Now my text book has been rearranged and I want to update my Evernote notes with new chapter references.

Basically I want to FIND all tags with Chapter 3 and UPDATE TAG TO Chapter 6. The Find/Replace on the Edit menu doesn't give me the Replace option - only the Find option. I'm sure this is a simple task and I'm just missing something.

Guidance appreciated. Thanks!

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Never mind. Figured it out. For anyone else who needs to know: I filtered for the first tag, then, in the Notes column, did a CTRL+A to select all notes tagged with that chapter. A dialog box appeared and I could then add a new tag and delete the old. Fairly quick and almost painless! :)

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You can also just rename the Tag in the Tag view, if that makes sense.

So you could change Tag "Chapter 3" to "Chapter 6".

All Notes with the affected tag would immediately reflect the change.

LOL! That's even easier! Thanks!!

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