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  1. Ditto. Just switched back to the old view. Now I can access my attachments and sign out. What is up with this new trend in where there is no contrast between font color & background, and no tool tips...just pale, mysterious icons. It's horrible.
  2. Thank you! If it was picking up something useful from the item I was clipping/building this would be a useful feature, but to randomly plug in an event reminder seems odd. At any rate, have disabled and am now happy!
  3. Hi, all. I'm a fairly new Evernote user. I have the Android app on a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone (Galaxy S3), and on a PC desktop and laptop. Any time I create a new note on my phone or tablet, the note title appears pre-filled with my most current event reminder from my Gmail calendar. If I fail to change or delete this text, the title of my new note takes on my event reminder text. For instance, I just created a new note about a photography web site I wanted to remember and the title was "Release Assignment #2" - a carry over from a dismissed event reminder from earlier in the day. I do not get this behavior on either of my two computers (also linked to the same Gmail calendar account). Any ideas about this? It's so weird!
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