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  1. LOL! That's even easier! Thanks!!
  2. Never mind. Figured it out. For anyone else who needs to know: I filtered for the first tag, then, in the Notes column, did a CTRL+A to select all notes tagged with that chapter. A dialog box appeared and I could then add a new tag and delete the old. Fairly quick and almost painless!
  3. Windows 7 Desktop client, Premium version As a teacher, I have tossed all the web clips I'm interested in retaining for my classes into one big notebook, and tagged them with appropriate chapters. Now my text book has been rearranged and I want to update my Evernote notes with new chapter references. Basically I want to FIND all tags with Chapter 3 and UPDATE TAG TO Chapter 6. The Find/Replace on the Edit menu doesn't give me the Replace option - only the Find option. I'm sure this is a simple task and I'm just missing something. Guidance appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Ditto. Just switched back to the old view. Now I can access my attachments and sign out. What is up with this new trend in where there is no contrast between font color & background, and no tool tips...just pale, mysterious icons. It's horrible.
  5. That's how it works on my Galaxy S3 and my Note 10.1...prompts for a reader. If I were to choose "always..." I assume it wouldn't ask me any more, but I like to be able to pick a reader based on content of the PDF, so I just select when opening.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation! Every day I think (or learn) of new ways to use EN and I want to be sure everything is where I last left it (ha ha). Cheers!
  7. Hi, everyone. Slowly building a library of Evernote notes and want to make sure I have the syncing thing correct in my head. I am *usually* adding content to EN by sitting at my desktop computer and either dragging existing files to new notes, OR using Clearly to clean up and add web content to my account. In these scenarios, I believe the following to be happening: When I create new notes using the desktop app, I need to sync this in order for the notes to match up to the servers to be available to my phone, tablet, and web apps (from other computers) When I use Clearly, the new content is added through the web app and I must sync in order to see the results on my desktop app. Is this correct? I've been reading forum posts about lost notes due to lack of sync and I want to make sure that I have my workflow and understanding correct. As a rule, after I create a series of notes in either place (web or desktop), I routinely hit the "sync" button to force a sync. My desktop app is set to sync automatically every 30 minutes as well. Thanks for any insight! Val in sunny IL
  8. It applies to the entire note, including attachments. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Does the 100 MB per note limit imposed on the premium account include PDF attachments, or is the note limit content typed into the actual note? Thanks for your insights!
  10. Hi, everyone. I'm a fairly new EN user and in the process of getting things loaded into my account. To expedite the process of uploading batches of PDF files, I set up a Watch (import-folder) folder. It's working great. From reading through old forum posts, I think I understand how the folder works. It is a one-way sync, correct? So once the notes w/PDF attachments are in EN, I can delete (or have the process auto-delete) the PDF files in my watch folder and they will not pull the notes I just created? I tried this with a couple of notes/PDF files and it seems to work this way. Can someone confirm, please? Thanks much! Val in snowy IL
  11. Thank you! If it was picking up something useful from the item I was clipping/building this would be a useful feature, but to randomly plug in an event reminder seems odd. At any rate, have disabled and am now happy!
  12. Hi, all. I'm a fairly new Evernote user. I have the Android app on a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone (Galaxy S3), and on a PC desktop and laptop. Any time I create a new note on my phone or tablet, the note title appears pre-filled with my most current event reminder from my Gmail calendar. If I fail to change or delete this text, the title of my new note takes on my event reminder text. For instance, I just created a new note about a photography web site I wanted to remember and the title was "Release Assignment #2" - a carry over from a dismissed event reminder from earlier in the day. I do not get this behavior on either of my two computers (also linked to the same Gmail calendar account). Any ideas about this? It's so weird!
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