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How to transfer Note from my Windows App to EVERNOTE

Saurabh Rai

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Hi all


I am making a Windows App(For Desktops and Tablets) and I am giving user a Canvas where he can make Notes, attach files,etc. When the user is done I want to transfer this Note to EVERNOTE.Consider that the EVERNOTE Client is installed and user is logged in. I have two questions:


1) How do I transfer my Note to Evernote when user is offline or online(Both cases) [ How do i transfer them correctly ? I know ENML is the key, but how do i conevrt my canvas correctly into ENML ].

2) Suppose the user authenticated my App with some credentials but is logged in with some other account in the Evernote Client. How do i handle this ? As far as I know, there is no way to detect with which account the user is logged in in Evernote client.


I have gone through Evernote Cloud API and Command line APIs. Any relevant approach and pointers will be highly appreciated.



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