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Resolve Defective Spelling/Autocorrect in Evernote Mac

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In almost any other autocorrect system, pressing backspace cancels the erroneous auto-correct suggestion.

This does not happen in Evernote for Mac. I believe it is because Evernote is using the Mac spelling not its own.

Please change/solve this!

It is immensely frustrating to type and delete, type and delete, sometimes the spelling you want takes 5 goes to 'stick' sometimes it never gets there and you have to type a workaround. A real problem when trying to take rapid notes in a meeting or call.


Evernote needs to have its own dictionary or at least the ability to write to the dictionary it's using with an intuitive immediate over-ride of false corrections by using the backspace, and perhaps the automatic adding to the dictionary of any new spelling encountered this way after it's encountered 3 times.

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