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  1. I keep seeing updates on this thread and thought I’d throw out a recommendation for Notion.so. It’s been great for my needs. I was able to start using It to great effect within a few minutes. It’s simple, yet powerful...think evernote and jira combined. It has fewer features than those, yet I’m more satisfied using it. Its collaboration features are especially good. And not once has it auto-formatted my text and annoyed the heck out if me :) You can talk all day long about why evernote works the way it does at a technical level, but in the end it doesn’t matter to most end users. Most people want things to “just work” in a reasonable way.
  2. This is still a problem for me on Mac. You can upvote this as a requested feature on this thread:
  3. To anyone who wants this feature, please upvote it above by clicking on the UP ARROW at the beginning of this thread.
  4. +1 on this thread. I'm using Mac Evernote and am on Evernote Plus plan. Regarding the editor, it is generally inferior to ever other word processing app I use (mainly google docs and apple pages), which is in itself fine. For me the true value in evernote is it's ability to help me organize all my content and make it accessible across devices. I love that part of it. So features like embedded images and pdfs and them being searchable are great. But I don't need fancy editing and autocorrect. These get in the way just as often, or even more than they help. This is my one biggest gripe with evernote. Since I have seen very little movement on this form evernote, I have gone so far as to search for alternative products for this and would switch if I could find something that had the same organizational power, but didn't get in my way for simple things like entering text in a note. Having the ability to default or designate notes as plain text would be helpful. Or being able to disable or alter the default behavior of automatic formatting and autocorrect features would work too. In the case of plain text, it would be nice to still be able to embed images, but it'd be fine if not since you can group notes and associate them with tags. Hoping this somehow helps to push evernote product to reevaluate this part of the system.
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