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Evernote Email, Tags, and Email Clients

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I am attempting to send an email note to Evernote with both a notebook and tag associated with it (e.g. "This is a test note @Test-Notebook #tag1234


I have found that if I email this from my desktop email client (thunderbird) and the tag is not organized in a folder that it works successfully. Hoever if the tag is within a folder it doesn't, the note will go into the correct notebook but the tag will not be applied but will be a part of the subject. I have also found that if I send the same note from my gmail phone client that it works successfully either way.

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I would agree with Morticia, your example above should create a note in Test-Notebook with the tag tag1234.  If by tag in a folder, you mean a nested tag, I can say I have no issues with that either.  If you are sure the spelling is correct and you aren't getting the tags, I would submit a bug report.

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