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Crashing when Saving Annotations



Was annotating a PDF today on my iPad and when I saved changes, the app crashed. The first time this happened, my annotations saved. However, this happened a second time and I lost about 4 pages of annotations that time.

App is up to date; not sure what could be causing this. But I'm doubting my purchase of Evernote Premium now.

Any suggestions?


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Hi.  I'm not an iOS user,  but such issues on mobile devices are often connection-related.  Mobile devices don't keep a local copy of a note except in that it's saved into temporary memory while you're viewing or editing.  If the app crashes,  then that temporary memory might be corrupted or lost.  If you're working on something important it would make sense to ensure that you save and sync the changes as often as possible to ensure that if there is an error you lose as little as possible.  Also if you work on a copy of the original document and maybe save incremental changes as versions 1.2, 1.3 etc you'll have a history of the changes.

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