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Some of us are not able to use a computer with completely white backgrounds for everything. Before this week's upgrade to Evernote, I could set background-color in ENML coding and have notes that are easier on the eyes.


Now I am not able to do that. Any use of the <return/enter> key wnen typing in a note, changes the background to white.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Evernote, help me fix this. Don't take away our one and only route to have less visual strain when using your product. It was bad enough when Evernote stopped responding to the Windows display characteristics to lessen the all white presentation of the window on a computer, but now, without the ability to have background color in the notes, this is just awful.


I love the product but hate the changes that take away user flexibility.


Can you help?


Helix Fairweather

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Hi.  Don't know if these workarounds will help (or still work) but for his own use,  @RobertJSawyer created a style sheet for the Web (browser) version of Evernote that gets rid of most of the glaring white; https://userstyles.org/styles/110978/evernote-with-less-eyestrain
(If you use Firefox, install the Stylish add on, then install his stylesheet.)

He also suggested Pangolin Software's free PangoBright utility which lets you dim your screen easily:


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