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  1. Installed the lastest version 6.2.2 and ran your batch file with SFK. This time it worked to change the background color of the note but did not change the EE F1 F2 color. I then did a Find-Replace in the hex editor and that found 7 occurrences that were changed but nothing visually changed in the back ground color in Evernote. So I was able to get 1/2 of it to work. Helix
  2. Thanks, Robert. I think everything is operating OK since skf and the bat file worked fine in an older version of Evernote. I'll try the hex editor thing with a newer version of Evernote. I was searching in both the hex code and in the text using "background-color: #eef1f2". I'll try a different hex editor too and see if I can unravel it some more. Helix
  3. Thanks for replying, Robert! I tried using a hex editor to make the changes in the .exe file. Granted, I have never used a hex editor before but searching the file, I could find no eef1f2. My thinking was that they changed the color in the .exe file which would cause the bat file not to work. I went back to an older version of Evernote and the bat file worked just fine. So that tells me I'm doing it all correctly, just cannot get it to work on the 6.2 release. The paths are all correct. I guess all I can do is stay with the older version until another new version comes out and try that one. Any other ideas for me? Helix Fairweather
  4. We can't do that with a PC unless we go into the ENML code and, at that, it's easy to mess up when using the note. Helix
  5. Hello Rob! I hope you are still getting replies to this thread. I have used this process for at least a year I would guess. I do it each time Evernote upgrades. Yesterday, however, I could not get it to work. When I download the sfk file and run it from the command prompt, it's just a long set of help commands. Can you suggest what might be going wrong? I do faithfully run the .bat file after that but it does not change the color scheme. All Evernote processes have been ended before doing this. Thank you! Helix Fairweather
  6. Norton deletes the Swiss Knife file saying it's unsafe. Any ideas on why that might be? Thanks, Helix Fairweather
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