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Best Methods to Day Plan in Evernote

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Hello everyone. I'm a new Evernote user and was wondering how to leverage evernote's photographing to enhance productivity to plan my day. 


I'm a big fan of Evernote's text analysis where one can scan in the weekly planner and have it searchable and receive reminders with simple checks. 


Does anyone know of a way to photograph a day planner that has printed hours throughout the day and evernote can remind based off the hours it reads on the sheets? Like a way to scan in my notes from a source like this: http://www.sparkproductivity.com/wp-content/uploads/2000/01/action-day-planner-2010-top.pngand have evernote send me reminders throughout my day? 


It doesn't have to be evernote specifically but rather any app that can do what I'm describing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers the tactile sensation of physically writing in a book to typing or dictating a bunch of reminders into my phone. 


This post is aimed at the life hacker who appreciates a fine blend of her analog and digital world to maximize efforts in a meaningful way. Thank you for any advice!

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Hi.  There's no way that I know of to convert OCR text into a reminder.  And Evernote doesn't (yet) do multiple reminders per note.


Best I can suggest would be to set a reminder for the earliest event in the note to which you attach the picture of your day plan.  When you receive that reminder,  reset it for the next event...

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Thank you for your tips! I guess it isn't reasonable to think evernote is capable of becoming my workspace platform at this point in time. Crossing my fingers for an Evernote Android OS. Haha


jbenson, I'll definitely check out Getting Things Done. It's a pretty clever way to get organized. 

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