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[BUG?] Cannot change alignment for bullet anymore since today's update.


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My Evernote client just updated. After finished, I cannot set alignment for every sentence that has bullet in front of it. The alignment button is just greyed out and shortcut does not working. Before update I can just easily adjust alignment of bullet by CTRL + E or just by pressing the button, now it does not working anymore. Any fix?


EDIT: Apparently I also cannot put a pointer on images in my notes. Is there any possibility for me to revert back to previous version?

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Hi.  Are you editing an existing note,  or creating a new one?  My bullets / alignment buttons work fine in the latest version.  I'd suggest logging out of Evernote,  restarting your system and retrying...


There's no inbuilt step back - you could uninstall the current version and reinstall an older one,  but it seems an unnecessary step unless you have continuing problems...

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Both new and old notes. I just cannot change the bullet alignment anymore.

Here are some screenshots.


Here is an example of which I positioned my cursor in a sentence with bullet. You can see that the alignment button is greyed out.


And here is my cursor in an empty line (no bullet). As you can see I can adjust alignment now (the alignment button is not greyed out).

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