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[Request] Option for instant sync

Nick Harrigan

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I want to put in a request for the ability to instantly syncronize data on Evernote desktop apps.


At the moment the limit is every 5 minutes.


I have two main issues.


1. I don't know how many times I have hybernated my computer without it properly syncing and then not been able to access my to do list (or other recent notes) from my mobile phone.


2. When doing collaborative work in real time Evernote is incredible slow in comparison to other software like Dropbox or Google drive/office. It basically makes it impossible to work in real time. It is fine for storing data if someone is going to use it in half an hour or a few days time, but seriously, what is the point of having Evernote as a collaborative workspace if it can't properly sync for collaborative work?


I know there are complaints about instant sync using too much data, but I am not arguing for it to be the default or only feature. If people want to keep syncing every 5 minutes or 15 minutes, or whatever, they can leave the functionality set to that.


Honestly it is such as issue with the desktop functionality that I have moved to the web version. Unfortunately the web version is seriously inferior to the desktop (lack of customisation on interface, and inability to cut and paste screen shots being my pet hates), but I make do, mainly for the reason that at least I know that my notes are being properly synced. 


This seems like a very basic feature which most other apps are able to implement. Why can Evernote implement such a simple change.

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It's already there.  It is called manual sync, and you can get an "instant sync" any time by doing one of the following:

  1. Click on the sync icon in the toolbar
  2. Goto File > Sync
  3. Press the Sync shortcut key F9
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Lol. That is not instant sync. It is manual sync.


Do you need to press the 'manual sync' button to sync your Dropbox files? No, they sync instantly. 


I am talking about Evernote do a sync each time I enter text or leave a window, WITHOUT having to press another button.



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The current windows release syncs the note shortly after you leave it, though not immediate.  Also, if you are inactive and stay in the note after making some changes, it will sync.  Not clear to me exactly what the timing is, but it seems to be in the 10-15 second range.  In Snippet view an up arrow appears on the note in the middle column and it disappears when the sync happens.  Not instant, but definitely less than 5 minutes and predicated on the finish of the update.  FWIW.

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Great. Thanks for this csihilling. Very useful information. I think you are right. This makes a huge difference.


Do you know why that arrow icon is implemented for snippets but not list view?

You are welcome.  You get the normal * in list view.  Works the same way, disappears after the sync happens.  There can be a slight lag before the * appears.

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