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Frustrating indenting behavior, as of 5.9


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First, let me say how I use notes may not be the norm, making this somewhat of an edge case for a normal user.


Indenting is my primary organization mechanism within a note.  I do A LOT of indenting, and with documents typically in the 5,10,20 page range. My documents look hierarchical, a topic line with indented detail below it with further indented detail below that.  


For example:



some notes about topic A

more note about topic A

even more notes on topic A (1)


(2) topicB

note on topic B

subnote on topic B



note on topic C



1) Delete key and document positioning.  Pressing delete at position (1), when multiple blank lines exist between (1) and (2), will sometimes scroll the entire document to the end and then back, while hitting delete.  The cursor never moves, but the display of the document is pages away from where the cursor is positioned.


2) Delete key and cursor positioning.  Pressing delete at position (1), moves the cursor down to position (2), without deleting any lines.  When the cursor reaches position (2), it begins deleting from the start of "topicB", but with the lines between (1) and (2) unaffected.


3) Enter key and newlines.  In my multi-page documents, pressing enter and creating a new line lags somewhere between 1/2 and 1 second for each keystroke.  Quickly typing a few lines of text is becomes frustrating in a hurry, like the application is freezing.  Curiously, holding enter down will cap one CPU on my system - so it's like some type of full document render is being done on each line break.


In summary, I use Evernote as my note / scratch pad while programming, and I've always enjoyed it's speed and simplicity of editing.  Some of that has been lost for me on the new version, which I hope you're able to address.





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If you have a previous version of the downloaded program on your computer, run it and you will be back to that version.  If not, filehippo carries previous versions of EN.  To be on the safe side back up your data base before you downgrade.

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