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  1. In Evernote 5.8, it is easy to indent line separators, so as to achieve effects like this But in the later versions of Evernote (e.g. 6.1.1), if you repeat the same procedure (either (i) click tab to indent, then click the line-separator button to insert line separators, or (ii) insert a line-separator, then (ii) click tab to indent), you get something like this Basically, line separators by default spans the entire note, and there's no obvious way to apply indentations to them. This has messed up a lot of notes I've stored in the old format. Would it be possible to fix this bug?
  2. problem: "Copy Note Link" function omits material inside a pair of angle brackets ('<' and '>') in note title example: suppose my note title is: <abc> def if i right click the note, and click "Copy Note Link", and paste the link elsewhere, what I get is a hyperlink whose text is simply "def". The material enclosed by angle brackets (along with the brackets themselves) has been omitted. It'd be great if this problem could be fixed in the future. Thank you.
  3. I've encountered the same bug (specifically, (2) in Grenyx42's post) and had to revert back to the last version.
  4. Hi Evernote, I've noticed that when browsing note snippets in Snippet View (evernote 5 beta 2), whenever there are more than 10 notes in a folder, the speed with which one can scroll become intolerably slow even on a very fast computer, to the point of significantly hindering useful interaction with the software. I wonder if there's a way to turn off the "smooth scrolling" effect which I think must be the source of the problem. Thank you very much in advance. Best,Yu
  5. Version: Evernote 5 Windows Prerelease As shown in the screenshot below. Search highlights seem to occur in strange locations.
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