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Retrieving Note States or Versions

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I use Evernote on occasionally on my phone and almost everyday on my computer.


Last night I accessed a note on my phone that was an older version of the one I've been working on my computer.


I attempted to sync the note by pressing the arrow cycle icon, which then updated the note to the older version on my phone.


This has caused a great problem, as I've lost everything in the most recent version of the note. (perhaps my mistake as much longer than a note should be)


Is there any means to access "states or versions" for a note so that I can retrieve the version prior to overwriting the newest with the older version?

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I found the original (or newest state) below the older version that the note was updated to.


It appears it updated the note, and indicated conflicting changes below.


The phone and desktop version don't seem to communicate too well (free account) but no complaints here, the software is free and amazing :)

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Conflicting changes usually happen when you edit a note on 2 different platforms simultaneously without previously syncing before you switch over  (in this case, your mobile and desktop clients). 


It seems like we're heading more into real-time syncing across platforms, which will minimize this sort of thing: The latest "Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes" claim that "Changes to notes are synced to Evernote immediately". I don't see that just yet... but I guess that's the intention. 

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