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EN Mac UI Design Comparison: Ver 3 vs Ver 6.1



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EN Mac UI Design Comparison:  Ver 3 vs Ver 6.1


Let me start by saying that I am a long-time avid Evernote user (Premium acct) and fan. :D   I use it many times a day, and my life would be much more difficult without it.

If I didn't care about Evernote, I wouldn't bother "wasting" my time with posts like this.  I'd just move on.   ;)

. . .

For those of you that have been around for a while, since at least 2012, you may remember the uproar of complaints when Evernote released Ver 5.

Many of us, including me, found that the Ver 5 UI was much worse than Ver 3 (there was no Ver 4).


Whether or not the actual UI designers ever heard our complaints and preferences, I don't know.  I do know that the UI has not materially improved as a result of those complaints (there may be one or two small exceptions).  I should add we didn't just complain with stuff like "bad UI".  We actually were very specific, and offered numerous examples and alternatives.  IOW, we offered constructive criticism.


When EN Mac Ver 6 was released, there was an even bigger uproar over the big UI design changes. While there have been some improvements, many of the major issues remain.


I should point out that there are a certain number who like the UI changes, and that's fine.  No one UI will ever please everyone.

(that's why many modern apps have "skins", that allow the user to customize the UI to his/her preference.)


IMO, since Ver 3, EN Mac has lost valuable features, the screens are harder to see/read, and the UI has become worse in terms of real usability.


I will acknowledge this:  The UI of EN Mac 6.1 is much better than that of EN Mac 6.0/6.0.1.  So here is a case of where Evernote has responded to the outbursts, complaints, & criticism of users to that that release.  My thanks to SoftwareMarcus and Jackolicious for their efforts in this.  There are still more changes some of us would like to see, but it is better.


Recently, another user posted a screenshot of EN Mac Ver 3 from a blog written in 2012.  It dramatically reminded me of how much we have lost.

So, I have decided to post a comparison here.  I really doubt that this will result in any material changes to the EN Mac UI, but one never knows.  There *is* a new sheriff in town.   ;)


FWIW, here's the comparison.  Feel free to comment as you like, both pro and con.


What do I want?  I'd love it if the Evernote team would take a fresh look at the UI issues, note how it has changed since Ver 3, and make an honest, objective, assessment of how today's UI design could be improved, to make it more usable (forget about what's cool or "in", focus on usability).   :ph34r:








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The arrow icons for expand/collapse I think we must largely blame on Apple at this point, with their schizophrenic ideas on Accessibility and their mini-band of microscopic Yosemite archers.


Just another of Apple's ludicrous GUI decisions – driven by, one fears, a smug cabal of minimalist fascist fashion police.


They should all be shown up on Apple TV and tweeted to death by elephant lovers everywhere who still have eyes to see.

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