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evernote:\\ links no longer working on ipad



Just downloaded the new version from the app store and really like it but...

Links to specific notes from outside apps such as Launcher have stopped working on the iPad. They work fine on the iPhone, but on the iPad they just plank you into the app wherever you were last looking at.

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I'm sorry to hear about your problems with links opening the iPad version of Evernote.


In order to help troubleshoot, can you please provide the following information (in this thread or via direct message to me):

  • OS version
  • Evernote app version
  • Device model (incl wifi or LTE)
  • How the links were generated
  • Examples of links that do not work



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iOS 8.4

IPad air 1 LTE
links generated in evernote and pasted into external apps eg Launcher
example link evernote:///view/30284/s1/0e747365-f35c-4a64-93c9-0170e3dbab61/0e747365-f35c-4a64-93c9-0170e3dbab61/ will take me to my main evernote landing page on MacOS, iphone etc but not on iPad, where it just opens the evernote app at wherever I was last using it
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