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Problem on map feature inside the notes on Android device

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Yesterday in my Evernote PC version, I was sadly found out that, all my old notes created on Android device after April 2015 were no geolocation information, whose I had opened location feature and saved a pin on Google map actually. :(


Afterwards I try to evaluate the problem on Android's Evernote. I created a new notes, tapped on "i" icon then "location" word. Google Map was prompted and I could added a map pin successfully and completed. "Location" word were replaced by the city location information which saved the geolocation information without any problem.


However, after I clicked the "left" icon on the screen (or pressed the left-side grey area), go back to the notes editing screen and tapped on "i" icon again, I found the word "location" were displayed and the map saved pin disappeared as like as I never input. Previous saved geolocation information were lost.  :mellow:


What made me crazy was that :angry: , after created the notes without geolocation information and synced to server, I opened that saved notes, repeated the above steps. But this time the geolocation information could be kept after I saved pin \ exited to edit screen \ tapped "i" icon again. The geolocation information synced to server without any problem, and found on PC version also. It seems the first time create notes cannot saved any geolocation information in my Android's Evernote (or will randomly happan again on no problem saved notes? <_<).


I am using LG G3 under Chinese character's environment with Premium account by Evernote version 7.0.7. I can't remember what I had updated on Android or Evernote during late April or Early May this year. I would like to know anyone with similar problem and how to solve?


Thanks for your help first. :P

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Hi.  If you've not found an answer to this issue yet - I'd suggest updating to the latest version of Evernote and switching location recording on - Evernote > Settings > Notes.  Any notes which do not have location data cannot have new information added - but all new notes should then have the correct information.

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