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Auto correct spelling

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Just above the keyboard you should see the suggested corrections, including the name as you have spelt it.  If you tap on that choice it will remember that spelling, adding it to your spelling list.  After that, it will offer the same name just after a few characters, and you can either continue typing, or tap the word in the suggestion list.

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The predictive typing (accessible via your globe next to the microphone/ space bar) is a great option. I find it kind of distracting, though. So what you might want to do is type in your last name once and whatever suggestion the autocorrect gives you before you hit a space or any punctuation... You can simply x-out the suggestion and your last name will be left alone the first time. Unfortunately you have to do this every time.

The thing with the predictive typing suggestions is that even if you choose an uncommon word and add it to your spelling list, it will show the next time you type out the first few letters... but very often, competing words which are way more common will override your uncommon word, no matter how much you train it. If you capitalize your last name that should take care of it... However some people have prepositions or articles in their last names, which may not be capitalized, i.e. "de los".

The best suggestion I can give you for bypassing everything PLUS speeding things up, is to create a shortcut on iOS. For example, my last name is "Degenaar". No competing words there... But I can set up a shortcut and each time I want to type out my last name I type "dg" and hit the space bar and the shortcut will expand to the full phrase/ name... Shortcuts will trump autocorrect every time.

Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > "+" sign at top right of screen.



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